Putting my experience and passion to work for your organization
Curious and inquisitive, I am fascinated by the human brain - and how our mostly subconscious feelings, thoughts, biases and desires govern everyday purchase and usage decisions. Well-designed marketing research studies allow us to "dig beneath the surface" to uncover unmet wants and needs.
Through my experiences in creating and growing brands and developing communications, I know how useful well-designed research can be in the development process. I also understand the pitfalls that can occur if the research doesn't get the attention it deserves. To be effective, the right questions need to be asked of the client to clarify the problems the research is intended to solve, the decisions the research needs to support, and the stakeholders in the decisions. Clients often need help thinking through these questions and guidance on how to get organizational buy-in. Having worked for twenty years on the client side as a market researcher as well as marketer with volume accountability as part of teams of all sizes, I understand these challenges and can help clients through them.

Contact me for marketing and research know-how coupled with the interpersonal skills needed to build relationships and trust. HMC brings a practical understanding of what marketing teams need from their research partners, as well as knowledge of how to discover the insights that will help them develop and transform their brand strategy and their marketing communications to truly connect with their target in the marketplace.