• Specializes in healthcare services and pharmaceuticals. Also experienced in retail and CPG.​​

  • Skilled at interviewing specialist and generalist physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, patients, caregivers and consumers.

  • Proficient in conducting exploratory research including market landscapes, needs assessments, patient journeys and treatment activity cycles; evaluating target product profiles (TPP) and shaping new product development; and using creative research to guide decision-making in brand positioning, messaging, and promotional materials development.

  • Experienced in moderating individual depth interviews (IDIs) and TDIs (with and without webcam); and designing and conducting customer and patient intercept studies, focus groups and mini groups, ethnographic research, mystery shops, and user experience studies.

  • Recent therapeutic area experience includes: cardiovascular, CNS, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, immunology, infectious disease, psychiatry and rare diseases. Other recent study topics include healthcare non-profits, health benefits, vaccines, and medical devices.  

  • While on client side, managed quantitative studies including patient engagement and brand & ad awareness tracking, awareness & usage, employee feedback, conjoint, segmentation, copy testing and ROI measurement.
  • Adept at synthesizing primary and secondary data, and creating situational and competitive analyses